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Seal of Excellence from EU commission

Startup Project financed by the Regional Operational Programme (ERDF ROP) 2014-2020 of Autonomous Trento Province – Avviso 1/2017 “Seed Money”


GRANT: 69,000 € (Stage 1) + 100,000 € (Stage 2)


Carborem project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Italian Government and the Autonomous Province of Trento, aims to design and construct a new generation plant to transform sewage sludge into a liquid usable for biomethane production and a soil improver.


The technology, called Hydrothermal Conversion, is a process studied and developed at the University of Trento. The hydrothermal conversion process occurs in water at relatively low temperatures and pressures (T = 180-200 °C, P= 10-20 bar). This process can be easily integrated into an existing waste water
treatment plant or anaerobic digestion plant. It is a fast process treating sludge for 1-3 hours. The reaction products are mainly 2: a liquid phase and a solid phase. The liquid phase is recycled
to the existing anaerobic digestion plant to increase the biomethane production by 30-40%. The solid phase, rich of nutrients and highly hydrophobic and 
dehydratable, finds usage as a soil improver. 


Design and construction of a commercial plant to be installed into a sewage sludge treatment plant which will reduce up to 4 times the volume of sludge, cutting the costs for its disposal. The sludge is transformed into a liquid for biomethane production and a soil improver. Carborem commercial plant will be installed into an existing water treatment plant of Trento Province.


“Climate KIC StartUp Accelerator Italy 2018-2019”



GRANT: 15,000 €

Carborem won the phase 2 of Climate KIC StartUp Accelerator Italy 2018-2019, sponsored by Climate KIC and promoted by ASTER, with the collaboration of HUB Innovation Trentino (HIT), Trentino Sviluppo and Hera.


Premio Ambiente Euregio Tirol-Alto Adige-Trentino 2018

The award was given to the projects that promote environmental protection, sustainability and innovative technology in energy sector. 

Ideas competition “Io penso circolare 2017”

Carborem won the first prize of “Io penso circolare 2017” with the project “La bioraffineria del futuro”, sponsored by Aquafil and promoted by “La Stampa-Tutto green” and Italian Environmental Ministry.